10 Days Self – Discovery and Authentic Communication Challenge

10 Days Self – Discovery and Authentic Communication Challenge

Make yourself and your relationships a priority this year

Learn about this powerful course that will support you to own your needs, find your voice, and have more authentic and harmonious relationships.

The quality of your life is the quality of your relationships

Tony Robbins

Join this free challenge to go from self-neglect and confusion, to clarity and authentic communication of your needs.

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The Principles

What will this online coaching course help you with?

  • Understand better your own needs as well as other needs, and improve the quality of your relationships
  • How to express your needs and set boundaries in a loving and understanding way (e.g. learn to say no)
  • Discover and come to the core of how your perfect life looks like for you
  • Gain confidence
  • Embody Emotions: Handle emotions effortlessly and with grace 

This is for you if:

  • You feel often drained and overwhelmed in your daily life
  • You are often saying yes if you actually mean know
  • You are confused about what you really want, and can’ t think clearly anymore
  • You have the feeling your surroundings is suffocating you
  • You are fed up with having too much drama in your life
  • you often find yourself in situations that are not appreciating the value that you bring

How does it work? What will be included?

  • Each day your will receive a 5-6 minute video with background on a topic plus a few question to ponder upon it. Learn and reflect on it whenever it best suits you
  • To support your during the thought process and breakthrough you will get a manual
  • Empower your findings and share them in the private Facebook group, and ask me questions whenever they arise there
  • Join the two Lives during the 10 days where we can go deeper and approach a specific topic of the day

How to enroll?

Leave me your preferred email to get the manual and the link to videos:

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Meet Christina

My passion for self development over the past years, and my experience in coaching people has led me to create this free course.

I am translating my 20 years of experience, in the area of marketing and communication to consumer, to communication strategies for more harmonious relationships.

Relationships and human interaction fascinates me and always got a special place in my heart.

My vision is to bring more kindness and compassion to the world and enable more harmonious relationships.

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