About Human Design

Human Design is a blueprint that helps you to understand your role better for yourself and for society, it allows you to recognise your gives to live out your unique purpose.

It is combination of ancient systems that might be more well known such as astrology and the chakra system among others. Some call it as well the astrology of the future.

Being a relatively young discipline it is fascinating and something that one should experience. Indeed many people refer to the term “experiment” for their journey with Human Design. Similar to other tool it is an excellent way to get to know oneself better and live our maximal potential.

What Human Design can help you with:

  • Understanding your role and your energy type (especially for rare energy types this can be an eye-opener)
  • Understand better how to make decisions best and in an easy way
  • Leverage on your strengths and finding your purpose
  • Better interaction with you loved ones or the people you interact with the most
  • PHS (Primary Health System): Learn what environment, food /information absorbption is best for you, so that you thrive – Human Design is mechanics, and quite logical. You align and the rest will work out for you.
  • Discover where you have been conditioned the most by society and the people around you – Start an unlearning process
  • Understand when you can have more access to energy and qualities (Transits)
  • Easy to start: All you need to provide from your side is your birth details (incl. time and place)
A Human Design Body Chart showing the 9 centres their connection and the planets

Out of my experience and the eye for something holistic, I choose to combine Ayurveda and Human Design to AyurDesign. Bridge that makes also sense as the Human Design centres are similar to the chakra centres also if not fully (Human Design has 9 centres, classical Chakras System comprehends 7)

Options to work with me:

Click directly on the product names to learn more.

Individual Ayur Design Sessions – The classical Experience

The Bonding Experience – The most heart felt one

Design to Purpose – Train to listen to your inner guidance

The Individual Path– Parent & kid compact

The Privée Experience – The most close and exclusive container

On request: Human Design for corporates – Individual performance potential recognition and team building & improvement

Foto credits: Silvio Grogg

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