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The 7 Step Body Love Program is for you if: 

  • You feel you have too much or too little weight. 
  • You feel unhappy with your body, not feeling well in your body and have resigned with this feeling it.
  • Often your clothes don t fit anymore, buying new clothes is very annoying and definitively frustrating.
  • You feel that you got stuck in your life and you want to change this, but do not know where to start exactly
  • You would like to rekindle your body mind connection stronger 
  • You would like to balance out the challenges of modern high paced western world, with the goal of listening more to your true body needs
  • You feel first light unhealthy symptoms such as slugginess, sleeping problems, a feeling underlying sadness, have a stronger negative impact on your health and well-being when your on period, have a feeling of bloatness.

What results can you expect following the 7 Step Body Love Program? 

  • Gaining back energy fast and having more joy in your everyday life
  • Finding back to intuitive eating habits
  • Re-balancing your body and feel confident with it
  • Strong reduction or completely quitting negative emotional eating
  • Activation of the self-healing powers of one bodies though ayurvedic nutrition and mindset training.

Why can Ayurveda help you with this? 

  • It’s Individual

As everybody of us is born with a different constitution, a body mind type, and therefore different proportions/shares of the elements, varied guidelines are given. The recommendations are individualized depending if one doshas is aggravated, to bring the person back in her original equilibrium.

  • It’s instinctive

As soon as you will get in tune with Ayurveda, lots of suggestions will sound totally natural to you. You will be able to listen more closely to your body‘s need and most of it, act also according. 

The longer you stay in the process, the easier it will become to make the right decisions.

  • Promotes a better digestion

If you are facing any type of digestion problem this one is for you. Whether it might be irregularity, bloating, constipation, intolerances or others. 

Agni, our digestive fire, is always in the center of all those issues. Once Agni is balanced, lots of symptoms dissolve themselves or improve massively.

  • Activates Healing 

40% of all illnesses can be cured though a healthy nutrition. If you enrich your diet as well with herbal supplements the quote can even go up to 60%. Nutrition is therefore a powerful healing tool.

  • Is holistic to all life areas

Ayurvedic teachings apply to different areas of life. The measure to improve life can for example to be found in vastu. Vastu is similar to Feng Shui and helps to build and decorate the house so that the energy flow is optimal. 

Jyotish is another vedic teaching and is the Astrology of Ayurveda. 

Some expert Ayurveda practitioner use the vedic astrology system prior to the first consultation with the client to assess the situation best. 

The classic under the sister discipline is Yoga. Yoga helps us to manage stress, and keep our body at best health.

  • Builds up on small everyday hacks: 

I Will provide you with small action that step by step will lead you into a more healthy and intuitive nutrition.

If I have made you curious to learn more about it, use the contact form (hyperlink) or simply drop me a short note on:

Looking forward hearing from you and to deep dive together in the poweful world of Ayurveda.

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