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  • Do I need to be a vegetarian / vegan to eat ayurvedic?

No, Ayurvedic doesn’t t need to be vegan or vegetarian. However to practice a sattvic diet (sattva is the quality of pureness/light) a vegetarian diet is recommended. Milk, Ghee also derived from milk, and honey are seen as rasanaya (fortifiers) in classical Ayurveda. I personally do used them very rarely out of ethical reason. Moreover, it simplifies things a lot as you do take less into consideration food combination that cause toxin, so called samyoga combinations.

  • Do I need to change completely my way of eating or daily routine?

No, there is no need for that. We will implement together step by step a healthier lifestyle. Always checking how it can be integrated best in you daily life. Already small changes can have a big impact.

  • Do I need lots of special tools and spices to integrate Ayurveda in my life?

Not necessarily. While a good assortment of spices might be helpful and also fun to experiment with, it is not mandatory. You can start easily with the top 10 spices (I ll provide you a cheat sheet) and if you join my program the starter box is already included, so you will be ready to go. 

  • Are there any forbidden foods in Ayurveda? 

No. While there are some clear recommendation with foods are beneficial for you and which should be avoided, there aren t any absolute restriction. If you like a food that is not beneficial for you, we will look into how we can spice it or change the preparation to make it more suitable for you. Reducing the amount and offering you tasty alternatives might also be a proposal. 

  • How much time do I need to invest in this program/ for implementing this way of living?

As it is implemented step by step, the time invested will be well split and can be easily introduced in everyday life. In the beginning and for the regular calls there is however it is ideal to set 1-2 hours a week. 

  • Do I need to cook and eat Indian food?

No, Indian and Ayurvedic food are not the same, also if both origin from India. Moreover there are great cookbooks that integrate Ayurvedic principle in western recipes. For example the Ayurvedic European Cookbook from Irene Rhyner (in German)

  • At first sight the whole concept seems where complicated.

Lot of guidelines do have a very logical explanation behind. Nevertheless, being a holistic science it might take a moment to get into it. And here is where I can support your best, accompanying you though the whole process. 

  • I do cook for my family / partner. Can we all eat the same? 

Yes and no. Depends on the constitution of your partner or family member as well. And what disbalance of the dosha they do have. If we are for example talking about a couple where both work in a challenging and high paced job, chances are high that both are experiencing a vata imbalance, in this case the diet would be similar. In general, you can do a meal and then “adjust” it individually, whether it is with spices at the end, or with different quantities of the different elements of the meal(Someone eats more veg, someone eats more rice, someone skips dessert)

  • Can Ayurveda also help me with stronger illnesses? 

Yes, Ayurveda has mainly two pillars, staying healthy in the sense of prevention, and curing illnesses. Ayurveda can cure also strong illnesses and nutrition and daily routine can improve massively wellbeing and symptoms. However, my degree is on Ayurveda nutrition solely, whereas strong illnesses need to be checked by an Ayurveda doctor. Please do contact me and give me a closer insights of the symptoms. I can then do a first check and put you in contact with an Ayurveda doctor.

  • What result can be guaranteed? 

It very much depends on the goals we defined at the beginning, so in our intro session. And of course on how strongly the recommendation given are followed and put into practices. As with all coaching consistency and dedication are key. To hold you accountable we do have our regular calls that will support you to overcome blockages and encourage you through our journey. 

Human Design

  • I do not have the exact time of birth, is this a problem?

While having the exact time of birth is recommended there are some methods to come close to the result nevertheless

  • Human Design seems complicated and I feel overwhelmed?

I can understand this concern, one can indeed go very deep with one’s design. Yet like everything in life it is a journey. Don ‘t rush yourself. Picking up again your chart and reading after a while might help to see it through a different lens

  • I love Human Design compatibility: Can I also pick my friends and employees with this method?

This is possible, however I personally would not recommend this in the first place. While Human Design is great for recognising the different roles and strengths that one has, the first impulse to be together with someone or work with someone should always come from your body feeling (in Human Design Strategy & Authority)

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