My Ayurveda Journey

My mission is to support you to re-balance your body, encourage intuitive eating habits and help you to activate the self healing powers of your body

Nutrition plays a crucial role in that. Our emotion and wellbeing is strongly impacted from our daily nutrition. 

Ayurveda is more than nutrition thought, it is a whole lifestyle and extend it s branches in so many aspects of life. That is why personally I have been fascinated by this holistic health system. 

Health has always been one of my priorities in life, also if not focusing directly on it. 

I have fortunately never been affected by some serious illness. Probably thanks to the small every day I took preventively along the way.

I have always been a non-smoker, basically do not drink any alcohol, live as vegetarian since 25 years and stayed in touch with nature often. I have also been raised by health-conscious parents that in their early years practiced yoga, and ate regionally and seasonally. 

Nevertheless I had a time in my life where things went out of balance. Before starting my journey with Ayurveda. I got somehow stuck. Things weren’t moving forward for me and all over I was really unhappy. 

After a break-up I found myself in a city with barely no close friend. My best friend mile and miles away in London as well as my family. A high paced corporate job that was on one hand side very interesting but at the same time took a big tribute in terms of extra hours. 

I started neglecting myself, lost my joy for cooking meals for myself, as often just too tired coming home alone late respectively very late. The weekend was there more to recover, and energy to do something exciting was little. 

After some changes at work, the situation there also got worse and i lost the joy and fulfillment there too. The unfulfilling feeling also was visible on my body as I started to compensate it with food. I was in a downward spiral.

Then at some point I decide to tackle these problems once at a time. And there Ayurveda came into my life. 

After visiting an Ayurveda doctor I went off the Anti Baby Pill, re-adjusted my diet, got some herbal supplements to support me, and got more in touch with my body through pampering oil massages. 

The result showed up in a few months and I felt happier and in touch with my body again. The more time passed the more energy I had and more joy of exploring and doing activities with more and more people. 

The second big milestone was getting support from a personal coach and a supporting community. This was a game changer as well. It gave me the strength and courage to change some many things in my life and embark this new journey. 

My love to Ayurveda nutrition and its philosophy grow and grows still. My wish for you I to encourage you to take advantage of this way of living and make your everyday brighter, so that you can write your own success story

What values that keep me on track in life and while supporting clients? 





Honesty/ Truth


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Looking forward hearing from you and to deep dive together in the powerful world of Ayurveda. 

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