Self-discovery and communcation strategies

Self-discovery and communication strategies for a more fulfilled life and harmonious relationships

My passion for self development over the past years, and my experience in coaching people has led me to create a new space here. I am translating my 20 years of experience, in the area of marketing and communication to consumer, to communication strategies for more harmonious relationships. Relationships and human interaction fascinates me and always got a special place in my heart.

Our promise

As a result of our coaching people gain clarity and confidence about who they are and find their voices.

We are looking for participants that want to engage in more harmonious relationships, are  ready to invest in themselves and create the life of their dreams.

The principles

What the coaching will help you with?

  • Understand better your own needs as well as other needs, and improve the quality of your relationships 
  • How to express your needs and set boundaries in a loving and understanding way 
  • Discover and  come to the core of how your perfect life looks like for you
  • Gain confidence and live the life you deserve and dream of 

How can you join this 3 month journey on the way to a more fulfilled life and creating harmonious relationships?

  • Deep dive on a weekly private 1:1 call (60 min)
  • Get started with the booklet for week 1&2
  • Profit from the exclusive audio access on week 3 & 4 to stay consistent though the journey

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