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How does it start?

In a first free discovery session, we see where the challenges lie and where to start to tackle them.

At the same time we are able to tell if we are a match and are able to customize your journey best. 

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Let s find out how I can support you best. I am happy to serve you on evenings and weekends. Looking forward hearing from you

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What you should bring along / is important in our collaboration?

  • Willingness to shift things
  • Openness to try different coaching tools
  • Regular participation in the calls and make yourself familiar with all content provided

If you are already clear about the support you would like to get, you can book the different Human Design packages directly here

Combining the best of two world, Human Design and customised 1:1 mentoring:

The Bonding Experience

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What other people experienced during the coaching

Ariane, Zürich – Ayur Design Invidual & Couple Session:

” Before my session with Christina I had never heard of Human Design but was quite intrigued by what it entails and how implementing its principles and findings can impact one’s life, work and relationships. I was very open to trying it out without any preconceptions or particular expectations. Holistic practices have always fascinated me, especially when they’re backed up by science.

I’m a Seeker always searching for ways to enhance my life to live it fully, on my own terms. But doing that requires a solid knowledge of oneself, one’s innate gifts and traits which may have never even considered or known about. As humans we have a way to discredit ourselves to the point where we burry the good in favour of the bad. Very counter intuitive if you ask me but sadly it is a reality most of us live in.

Christina’s passion for the topic, her willingness to push her own boundaries, her insatiable curiosity for knowledge and openness for feedback make her a person that I would want to work with over and over again.

This unique approach opened my eyes to traits that I knew I possessed but had never really looked into. I love how tangible and practical this method is. I use what I learned all the time – personally, professionally and in my relationship.

I recommend Christina to anyone interested in diving deep into their personality and learn how to use it to live their life fully, with integrity and intelligently. 

Human Design is essentially a roadmap for your unique life.”

Rolf, Baden (Switzerland) – Coaching Self Awareness and harmonious relationships:

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