Human Design FAQ

  • I do not have the exact time of birth, is this a problem?

While having the exact time of birth is very much recommended there are some methods to come close to the result nevertheless

  • Human Design seems complicated and I feel overwhelmed?

I can understand this concern, one can indeed go very deep with one’s design. Yet like everything in life it is a journey. Don ‘t rush yourself. Picking up again your chart and reading after a while might help to see it through a different lens

  • I love Human Design compatibility: Can I also pick my friends and employees with this method?

This is possible, however I personally would not recommend this in the first place. While Human Design is great for recognising the different roles and strengths that one has, the first impulse to be together with someone or work with someone should always come from your body feeling (in Human Design Strategy & Authority)

  • How long do I need to wait to see benefits?

As a rule of thumb it is said that the process takes 7 years to embody the design fully (de-conditioning).

However it depends strongly how much action one takes, in terms of boundaries and decisions too.

Having a reading will give you a sense of awareness, yet it just the beginning of the journey. Result show over time, bit by bit.

What a reading very often gives you is a sense of freedom an relieve that there was nothing wrong with you in the first place.

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